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The "Why" Behind the Deuce Sleeves Brand?

I’m blessed to have survived a drug overdose/death and a 10+ year addiction to prescription pain medication. While I never set out to become an addict, I didn't intentionally set out to start the Deuce Sleeves Brand either. As faith would have it, the Deuce Sleeves Brand has evolved into a vehicle that I am using to pay forward the blessing that I received. Regardless of the challenges you face, the size of a goal, or all the doubters, my goal is to inspire you to never give up or lose faith on your journey.

"How" will you build the Deuce Sleeves Brand?

Via my faith in God, by sharing the testimony of my mistakes in life, and through the Brand Icon, a Hummingbird. Also known as God's tiny miracle, the Hummingbird symbolizes strength and persistence to Rise Above trouble and hardship. Each purchase will include two vinyl hummingbird stickers; one for you, and one for you to give to someone who is going through difficult times. Display the sticker proudly, it is a reflection of your character and mindset - someone who will never give up or lose faith!

"What" is the end-goal of the Deuce Sleeves Brand?

Build a nationally recognized brand.

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